Your fair and competent partner for the                                           commercial vehicle acquisition!

  • over 40 years successful in the automobile trade!
  • certified in automobile import and export!
  • exclusive Representative of Kosmos Belgium

My customers profit from a network of excellent national and international contacts which I was able to build through my 40 years in the automobile business. My reliable Partners and regular participation in local and international car auctions make it possible for me to acquire vehicles with a significant price advantage to the local market.

auction service


Thanks to reliable partners and my long years of experience at various auctions, especially in Scandinavia and Germany,  I am able to provide my customers a professional and unproblematic acquisition of vehicles.  

Upon request, customers may avail of our logistic and transport services including comprehensive advice and support in the processing and acquisition of German motor vehicle registration certificates.

Next Online Taxfree Auctions: 


Until further notice, there will be weekly auctions in Vejle, Denmark every Wednesday and Thursday.

I will participate in these auctions and look forward to being able to represent you.




As exclusive representative of Kosmos Belgium, a company specializing for over 25 years now in overcapacities in the automobile industry, I can offer my clients advantages in terms of  prices as well as logistics.

Unlike other EU dealers, we offer a complete service which include transport in special coat finish with a Kosmos-owned forwarding company. 


Another Plus - No Pre-payment! Payment is due only upon delivery!

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